The Last 6 Months

Seeing as this blog has been in a critical state of neglect for the past 6 months, here’s a quick update of what’s been happening:

*On the commercial front, all of those auditions began yielding a few bookings, and I was lucky enough to work on national spots for HTC and Domino’s (posted below), as well as a spec spot for KFC.

*A handful of TV auditions have come my way as well, the best being a recurring guest star role on a new series directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This would’ve been a big deal–at least three episodes, a shoot in Vancouver, scenes with Matt Dillon, etc.  I had a great callback with the producers, and my agent was notified that I was definitely “in the mix,” but enough time has passed to suggest that they’ve probably gone another direction.  ALAS!

*I continue to record the occasional voiceover gig and most recently did some more work as “Beast Boy” for DC Universe Online. Also got to read a handful of lines as an (evil?) cherub, which was amusing.

*Finally, I’ve just moved to Lawrence, KS to run a pop-up artists’ colony in a historic church for a year. Los Angeles has been wonderful, but I’ve also missed my theatre work with Rubber Repertory. This will be a chance to develop new work and interact with a lot of interesting artists along the way. Over the year, we’re hosting 70+ artists from a total of 10 states and 4 different countries. You can read more about the project here.

A Kiss Before Lying


My sleazy desk clerk character returned for a couple appearances on this week’s episode of The Lying Game. They cut a line where I introduce myself as “Carl” and talk about being a graphic novelist, but the heroine seems to figure it out anyways. For the next two weeks, you can catch me somewhere around the 14:20 and 19:15 marks here.


bopI don’t usually post about auditions on here, but this one seems mildly noteworthy: my first bonafide Los Angeles TV audition. It was for the Dana Delany procedural BODY OF PROOF and was held in the old animation building at Disney Studios. And yeah, my nerves were pitched a bit past the level that’s useful in these situations, but it went… ok!

On the commercial front, BBR is keeping me on my toes. Sometimes the combination of auditions in a single day feels delightful/absurd. On Wednesday, I went from a 10am audition as Abraham Lincoln to playing a hip young inventor at 11 and a raging infomercial salesman at 2.  All in all, I’ve had twenty-something commercial auditions so far, a fair number of callbacks, and a couple of those so-close-I-was-planning-a-celebratory-dinner AVAILS.

Dionysus is the Son of Zeus

We weren’t sure we’d be able to compete with hurricane recovery and election week, but our performances of Dionysus in 69 at New York Live Arts went over like gangbusters. There’s even some chatter about bringing it back for a longer run. Huge thanks to Rude Mechs, NYLA, and everyone who came and joined in the revelry. Here’s a link to Time Out New York’s 5 star review.


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