bopI don’t usually post about auditions on here, but this one seems mildly noteworthy: my first bonafide Los Angeles TV audition. It was for the Dana Delany procedural BODY OF PROOF and was held in the old animation building at Disney Studios. And yeah, my nerves were pitched a bit past the level that’s useful in these situations, but it went… ok!

On the commercial front, BBR is keeping me on my toes. Sometimes the combination of auditions in a single day feels delightful/absurd. On Wednesday, I went from a 10am audition as Abraham Lincoln to playing a hip young inventor at 11 and a raging infomercial salesman at 2.  All in all, I’ve had twenty-something commercial auditions so far, a fair number of callbacks, and a couple of those so-close-I-was-planning-a-celebratory-dinner AVAILS.

One thought on “Proof

  1. keeping my fingers crossed for that first break! Can see you in so many of the parts and commercials and am sure they will too!!! A….. M

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